Selling sand...

It's tough plugging books, seriously, I think it's harder plugging them than it is writing them. There's twitter, there's blogger, there's Goodreads and there's even new platforms like Medium (plus a load I've probably not even heard of yet.)

It's a constant battle of keeping the pot boiling, asking for retweets, shares, google+ (yes I've even tried Google+, and yes there is an echo in there when you cough.)

If I'm in a room full of readers I can sell books, I'm lucky in that years before I wrote stuff, I sold stuff. If you chuck in the stand-up comedy years I can pretty much get by with an audience of 100 or 1 (thank you Madeline in Brooklyn).

Stick me online though, and it is another matter.

I hate being the guy who tweets endlessly about his book.

I hate being the guy who clogs your timeline so much you reach for the mute button.

I hate being the blogger who blogs about nothing but stuff like this.

I'm sorry, forgive me, I want to say sorry.


My dreams have come true, Harper Collins believed in me, I published a book and I've watched it fly.

I just need to sell it so the dream can go on, so thank you for understanding.


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