I had this stunning idea...

     I had a stunning idea for a book today.

     I mean it was STUNNING!

     It hit me while I was out walking, taking in the springtime sun and enjoying the blue sky and then bam! There it was, I was going to sell a million books and have the best time doing it because: I   HAD   HAD   A   STUNNING   IDEA   FOR   MY   NEXT   BOOK.

     I was about two miles from home, and I had made the mistake of not taking anything to write the idea down on. I was in a race against time, me against my bad memory.

     I was nearly running by the time I made it home.

     I didn’t even bother to switch on the kettle, I just sat down and started hitting the keyboard.

     “This idea,” I said out loud to nobody but myself. “Is stunning!”

     I typed for half an hour.

     I read it.

     I went and finally made coffee. And then, with a fresh brew, I sat back, read my notes again, and realised I had just basically written the plot of Pale Horse Coming by Stephen Hunter.

     Oh well.

     At least it is a great book I was ripping off.