Strong Female Characters.

     I received an email last week from a reader in the USA. It was a nice email, she liked the book (and those are always nice emails to get!) In the email she explained that she had been a little surprised that my writing featured so many strong female characters, saying:

     "I thought it was going to be a "guy" book, but it wasn't, it was an "anyone" book..."


     “It was great to find a man putting so many strong women in the mix amongst the men. Thanks!”

     She didn't need to thank me,

     What made me write a book with four female characters who are all strong, all independent, all smart, and all capable of looking after themselves and making their own decisions without a guy to help them, was these people:

Bessie Braddock
Anne Frank    
Marie Curie
Helen Keller
Yolande Beekman
Eleanor Rathbone
Malala Yousafzai
Joan Bakewell
Pearl Witherington
J K Rowling
Helen Bamber
Margaret Damer Dawson
Dorothy Lawrence
Rosa Parks
Eleanor Roosevelt
April Ashley
Emmeline Pankhurst
Stella Rimington
Beryl Bainbridge
Sue Ryder
Yvonne Baseden
Virginia Hall
Florence Nightingale
My mum

     And the list goes on…

     I made that effort, and I make that effort, for all of these strong women, and the countless number of other women, living, dead, and not yet born who will make their own way in the life, and fight their own battles.

     I just hope I do them justice. 

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